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Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Authentic CCELL cartridges
510 thread

The ‘flagship’ of our product line, which contains no glycols or additives.  We start by using only medical grade CO2 (carbon dioxide). We then refine it, using the most scientifically sound, and cleanest distillation process.

We use only organic ethanol to remove all the waxes and fats from the raw oil. Our temperature-based process physically separates the organic solvent from the solution, while retaining a broad spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. We finish with a zero atmosphere, total-vacuum process to remove all traces of residual solvent and moisture. The result is superlative, pharmaceutical grade, cannabis oil. Featuring a light golden amber color, rich with the full essence, flavors and aromas of the original plant.

Proprietary, custom-blended flavors using 100% pure cannabis derived terpenes. Our Full Spectrum CO2 oil is cannabinoid rich, free of artificial flavoring, paired with authentic CCELL cartridges and pods for an umatched user experience.

High Potency Distillate

Authentic CCELL cartridges
510 thread

High potency, terpene rich, pesticide free, our THC distillate is one of our newer products and it does not disappoint! We offer a wide range of strain specific, natural fruit flavored and special formulated blends to ensure peace of mind when choosing Optimum products.

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Authentic CCELL cartridges
510 thread
High CBD / Low THC ratio
No additives or glycols


 For those seeking the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) with less of the psychoactive effects of high THC strains, we have developed our PURE Co2 Oil CBD rich formula. We utilize the exact same process as our Pure line, but start with high-CBD plant material that has been carefully selected from award-winning growers. Using our same methods and standards as our Pure line ensures that this oil is as clean and natural as it gets.


Vapor Production Consistency

The Delta unprecedentedly compensates the vacancy of reliable pod-based vaporizers in the current market. Consistent vapor production, pocketable and ergonomic design, the robust power supported by intellectual electronics control system highlighted CCELL®’s tireless pursuit of premium quality. After every charging, The Delta can generate 210+ puffs with no recognizable decline on vapor from start to finish. CCELL® batteries are capable to provide 25% more vapor volume compared to other brands. Experience the Difference.

Delta batteries available on OEOneIndustries.com

  • Comfortable matte grip, Inhale Activated

  • Stealthy Breathing LED Indicator

  • Quality circuit Board 

  • Micro-USB Rechargeable

  • 480mAh

  • Battery Capacity

  • Magnetic Connection

  • Dimension: 73 * 29 * 13MM

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Product Information

Stealthier, lighter and simpler, compared to traditional 510 thread cartridges, DELTA is an irresistible beauty with semi-transparent house, lips matching curve, and the super power to indulge you in great sensation of pure taste. The adequate resistance exclusively designed for DELTA battery make it able to heat and vaporize extract consistently and generously with 10%-20% increase on vapor production compare to normal cartridges. Magnetic connection is the fashionable way to switch flavor in a snap of fingers.

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CCell Information

CCELL has revolutionized the vape cartridge industry, and in their pursuit of perfection they have developed the world’s most powerful THC pod battery system. Through numerous tests, our engineers finally achieved the perfect balance between high performance and compact design. Inhale activated, self-adapted optimum temperature setting, and CCELLS unmatched vapor production consistency makes the DELTA the most revolutionary THC pod battery system to date.

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